Coldest Summer

created by
Agent Gold



Length: Very Short

Status: Discontinued Demo

Released: July 15, 2018


Coldest Summer is an alternate universe setting where Sayori's parents have died, and she ended up being adopted into MC's family. As her depression escalates, she confides in him that she's been fighting it all her life. Once the initial shock subsides, he needs to figure out how to help her hold out for at least a few days until he can get proper help for her. She's already hurt herself--he doesn't want to see her do something she can never take back. Can you help her avoid a terrible fate?This demo showcases the style of storytelling intended for the game and shows off a few mechanics to be used in the final state. Much of this was built as a prototype to get feedback, so every detail is subject to change for a possible final version (though the flow and feel of the story should be preserved). The demo does not contain any real horror elements--the story ends before that comes into play.