College Club 2

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Length: Short

Status: Full Release

Released: September 2, 2018


The sequel to Doki Doki College Club. For those who don't know, both the sequel and the original are meant to be joke mods (the original a little less I guess). They are comedy mods that use satire. A select few might not find them funny, but to be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand DDCC and DDCC2.If you haven't yet, you should play the original first since it will help you understand the story. Liked the first one? Then you're going to love this one. The positive feedback the first one got inspired me to create this sequel. It's a more ambitious mod and I've spent a lot more time making this than the original. (If I had to estimate, I probably spent around 200 hours on it.)A quick rundown of what the mod has in store:Less college aspect, focuses on solving problems in the originalRoutes for each of the original dokisA route for a new new doki: AmyRetains subtle and not so subtle memesOverall, more content than the original