God Syndrome

created by
shroud.co (alex74alex, XmanP31)


Length: Short

Status: Demo Release

Released: April 2, 2019


The world has been restored after it's destruction by Monika's hand, but once again things aren't entirely as they should be. The previous President is still missing, and Sayori is still the founder of the Literature Club, but there are even more deviations than there were before.The club is emptier than it's ever been, and the only other two members that should be here, Yuri and Natsuki, appear to be missing. Circumstances seem far more altered than the game would ever naturally allow, and this newfound situation ends up leading to an unprecedented version of reality. One that, theoretically, should spare any of the three girls from falling under the same curse as Monika before them. But things are rarely that easy. Can you finally bring happiness to the Literature Club?