Our Final Heartbeat

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Length: Very Short

Status: Full Release

Released: March 10, 2018


This mod provides a different ending to the game. This ending will become available after you collected all of the artworks played until the credits roll. Only then will it start.This has been made with all our love and care for the game, and as a thanks for the experience it has given to me. As a side note, I'm not natively English, so there might be some errors here and there. I'm accepting any kind of feedback, whether it's good or bad, because I want to improve myself, for the sake of this and for the sake of my future releases, if any.You'll know the installation of the mod worked if the game's title has three exclamation marks, and the version number in the Settings window has (mo) added to it. This was made for the standalone PC version, so expect the exclusive steam stuff to not happen.With love and care, NNDanny.Editor's notes: The current version of this mod contains a few bugs that can be ignored by clicking the "Ignore" button. Additionally, you can turn on "Skip unseen text" on the Settings screen to skip over dialogue while collecting the artworks necessary for the good ending. Lastly, the length of the mod was determined based on a playthrough where the standard DDLC content is skipped.