Salvation Remake

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Length: Very Long

Status: Full Release

Released: November 18, 2023


What if things could be different? What if you could save her? This question plagued the minds of most people after finishing the first act of DDLC. The story begins shortly after MC confesses his love for Sayori on the day before the festival. something wakes him up in the middle of the night however, and prompts him to check on Sayori, stopping her before she takes her own life. Salvation Remake is a mod that lets you see what a second chance could've looked like. A chance that, in some cases, we don't get to have. The mod, while being Sayori focused, also gives the others, especially Monika, a chance to show their own stories as they all struggle to cope with the near loss of a beloved friend. The mod puts a much heavier emphasis on friendship and trust rather than romance, and offers a much more grounded experience than the original does. Would you be her salvation once more?