DDLC: Take Two!

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Length: Very Long

Status: Demo Release

Released: September 22, 2018


A sequel mod that expands on the story of the original game. After a brief chat in the void, Monika and Sayori decide to give their world one last chance. Now armed with the knowledge that all the club members are sentient, a better result is all they can hope for. Sayori also retains her self-awareness, so Monika is a little less alone this time.The demo contains all of Act 5. It begins on the day of the festival, introduces two new characters, and proceeds from there with routes for everyone. It's structure is similar to Act 1 of the first game, but very little of the original is reused (unless you don't listen to Monika at the start, ahaha).The first playthrough is roughly two hours long. Skipping repeated scenes leaves each route at an hour or so each. Although this demo consists of Act 5 in its entirety, there is still a lot more to look forward to. Act 6 shifts the game into a linear story with plenty of intrigue and unexpected twists. The next release will be the full version, but it may take a long time to develop.