The Window, The Desk, and The Violet

created by



Length: Short

Status: Full Release

Released: May 8, 2022


A MC is a stranger to the Literature Club and enters in to see a distant friend. An uninviting atmosphere shifts him in front the club's local nerd. Their time together in one club meeting is tightly stuck between the chairs they sit on and the desk the between them. As both squirm uncomfortably through the conversation, perhaps MC can close the distance of his new and old relationships, a word at a time. The Window, The Desk, and The Violet provides a short 1 hour experience of genuine, grounded, and--uh.... pretty awkward conversation as young angsty teenagers with horrific and barely passable skills of social interaction as they try to make sense of one another! TWTDATV honestly stays true to its minimalistic setting with you and the grape for a sweet playthrough to the end!