Twin Realities

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Length: Medium

Status: Discontinued Demo

Released: October 9, 2018


In DDLC Twin Realities, you play as a NEET, like Sayori would say. You're a nerd, a loner, an outcast- who's about to change his life. After Monika put you in her space room you refused to delete her. Instead, you wrote mod after mod to spend time with Monika. Monika is controlled by an intelligent AI and she can react to things that happen by herself. In each mod you write dialogue for MC, so that he can react, talk, and have fun with Monika. But it never felt real.Until now.Your dad received a mysterious package from your late uncle. He was a great inventor who died before he could finish his inventions. Your dad decides to leave for the week and throw the things away later, but you know better. With your technology skills you manage to finish a most peculiar device nicknamed the Reality Machine: Made to transport people to and from a virtual world. Here is your plan. You are going inside DDLC, build four copies of the machine in the game, and let the girls use the device to come to your reality.