So you want to submit a mod?

That’s great! Please read the information below first and then fill out the form. This will help get your mod out to the maximum amount of people.

The most important thing before you publish your mod is that you have no gameplay halting errors.

Additionally, your mod needs to follow Team Salvato’s IP Guidelines. You can read the list of guidelines here.

Although we understand that making mods for DDLC is just a hobby, we do encourage you to use assets (i.e.: visuals, music, code, etc.) with permission.

Due to the emphasis on presentation, we only publish mods that have a thumbnail image and three screenshots. Additionally, a proper (more than 1 sentence long) description/synopsis is also recommended to publish a mod so that players don’t have to rely solely on looks and categories.

You must compile all the files of your mod into .RPA files, or it will not be accepted. Going against this is against Team Salvato's IP Guidelines.

Examples of such platforms are:

Make sure the thumbnail file is an image file of type .JPG, .PNG or .GIF if animated (PNG is preferred), the screenshot files are numbered accordingly, and the files have consistent file types. (Ex. screenshot0001.png, screenshot0002.png, screenshot0003.png).

NOTE: We are only accepting English mod submissions at this time due to us not having multi-language tabs implemented on mod pages yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.